Fabio Demicheli was born in Novi Ligure (AL) in 1981.

Since he was 6 he has played music. Starting with playing the piano, he continued with drums and guitars taking part in different bands in the North of Italy..

Never satisfied with a stand-off in his development as a musician he decided to create his own music.

His music is widely influenced and vary in style between melodic rock, funk, blues and jazz.

"Self" is the starting point of Fabio's career as a soloist (2012). << This is a music box where different ideas and styles took place. The house made production is evident but Self is a fresh and full potential work >> (taken from Musicalnews Magazine).

"Spiral" is the second work produced in 2015. Here you will find sound, arrangements, text, connection between tracks and groove! It's a short album, just 5 songs but really intence and complete. The last song is the first with italian text.

"No Walk" is the third work (2018). It is a really small but groovy album. It contains 3 tracks, From grey to alive and IN2 plus a Springsteen cover. The chosen style is pop rock and the tiny arrangement let space to rhythm.

2019 starts in positive with new single tracks, "Canzone da niente" (with italian lyrics) and "The Waiter", a new stilish and groovy song home recorded but mixed and mastered @ V3 Recording Studio.

2020. Fabio is celebrating more than 10 years writing with a re-mastered track, "2009".